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More Tulips!   2 comments

Yes, I know… not another post of tulips.  What can I say?  The month of April in my area is all about the tulips.  Therefore, another post about tulips.  I thought it was only fair that since my last post showed only tulips from Tulip Town, that this post show pictures from the other main tulip farm – RoozenGaarde.

I had a very brief moment this last week to go over to Roozengaarde to grab some pictures.  And I really do mean brief.  I dropped off my daughter for swim team practice then went to a quick appointment.  After that, I had an hour before I needed to pick up my daughter.  The rain had briefly stopped, so I figured it was now or never.  When I got there, I jumped out the car and quickly walked to the entrance to pay my $5 fee.  (Sidenote: Both Tulip Town and Roozengaarde charge an entry fee.  The nice thing about Roozengaarde, is the entry fee covers parking in at any of their other fields for the day.  Tulip Town doesn’t seem to have any other fields open to the public.)

I walk into their garden area only to realize in my haste, I forgot my tripod.  Knowing time is an issue between picking up my daughter and the threat of it starting to rain again, I decide I’ll just deal with out it.  I put my lens hood to protect not against the sun, but the miscellaneous drops of rain that are coming down and pray to the rain god it just stays like this.

I spent the next 45 minutes wandering around the garden area and the nearby fields, before dashing back to my car to pick up my daughter.  Most likely my quickest trip ever to the tulip fields.  I did manage to snag a few “decent” photos.  I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I managed to capture.

The picture above and below were taken within the garden area.

The picture below is of the tulip heads that have been topped.

Looking out across the fields towards the Cascades.


Local’s Night   10 comments

Yes.. two post in two days.  Crazy huh?  Well, this is more of my “normal post”.  Unlike my Ninja vs Pirate story that will just pop randomly here and there.  So.. on with my post! 🙂

Like clockwork, every April in the beautiful Skagit Valley we have the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  We celebrate all the beautiful tulips, daffodils and iris that are grown.  People come from all over to have a chance to see the tulips, along with all the other events that happen through out the month.  Of course,with all the people visiting, comes a lot of traffic.  There are many locals who just cringe when April comes around.  And all the locals know, if you want to go out to see the tulips yourself… don’t go during the weekend!!  One of the local farms helps support that thought by having a local’s only night during a weeknight in the month of April.  It just happened to be this last Wednesday.

I made plans during the day to go with my friend David that evening, since my hubby still was battling a nasty cold.  We were a little nervous that it wasn’t going to happen due to a downpour of rain in the middle of the day.  But the skies cleared up by the time we were done with work and off to the fields we went.  We spent a solid amount of time there that evening and I was able to capture a some decent pictures.

Hope you enjoyed your quick trip through the tulips. 🙂  Have a great week.

Ninja vs Pirate   6 comments

To start this off, last week when David and I were at fair grounds, I found some rubber ducks done up as ninjas (4 different colors) and a pirate.  I just had to buy them.  I couldn’t help but think how it would be fun to photograph them in different areas “battling” each other.  I do feel I need to find a couple more pirate duckies.  To me it seems odd to have only one… I mean usually you have a whole ship full of pirates, right?  Anyways, I present to you the first of many (I hope) Ninja vs Pirate.

Lazy Eye Bailey is on a stroll through a wild tulip jungle in search of the rest of his crew mates.  He was separated from them recently due to his lazy eye being mesmerized by how far up the tulips go into the sky.  Before he realized it, they were out of sight.  He was not worried, as he knew where they were headed and he always carries his trusty compass with him.  However, little does he know, the jungle is full of ninjas.  In fact, Rinkilu Fire and Zutaka Shadow are watching from the leaves of a nearby tulip.  They silently watch until Lazy Eye Bailey’s back is to them.

Zutaka Shadow quickly jumps out of the tulip to attack.  The feathers on Lazy Eye Bailey’s back go up and he quickly turns to face what ever is behind him.  He focuses on Zutaka Shadow, but fails to see Rinkilu Fire.  He has faced off with ninjas before and feels confident he can win this battle.  He is about to draw is sword when he sees Zutaka Shadow give a signal.  It is then that Lazy Eye Bailey finally feels a hint of fear.

For it is then that he sees Rinkilu Fire as she jumps to the ground to help surround Lazy Eye Bailey.  The ninjas know they have the upper hand, as only the best of the best pirates could hope to face down two ninjas.  Lazy Eye Bailey knows this too.  While he is confident in his sword skills, he is well aware that they have more extensive training.  He puts up his wings to show he surrenders.  Zutaka Shadow pulls out his sword and points for Lazy Eye to move to a nearby fallen tulip that hangs over a ravine.

The ninjas force Lazy Eye Bailey up on to the tulip.  It appears they don’t plan to just let them go.  In fact they plan to have walk to the end and fall into the ravine.  Similar to how him and his crew have forced ninjas to walk the plank off their ship.  He chokes down his fear.  He has never been known as a coward and he surely will not be named one now.  He squarely turns and faces his opponents, so not to give them a chance to stab him in the back.  Both Rinkilu Fire and Zutaka Shadow have their swords out now and motion him to continue his path to sure death.  He walks backwards and before he knows it, he is falling.  The last thing he remembers is ground coming up on him very fast and then every thing goes black.

Rinkilu Fire and Zutaka Shadow look down to see the pirate below them.  Even from that distance they can see his life force has not completely left him.  They quickly discuss what to do with him.  If he did not die, that must mean something.  They decide they must take him to Master Nodoshi.  He will know what is to be done.

To be continued….

Tulips and Daffodils .. oh my!   1 comment

Yesterday my friend Jolene and my daughter Victoria set out to check out some of the tulips and daffodils around the county. Went headed out to Tulip Town.  Neither of us had been to this tulip location, so it seemed a good place to start.

We were in luck!  Even with the extreme lack of sun lately, the early blooming tulips were out.  The mid & late bloomers still have a bit to go however.  We all tip toed through the tulips to and managed to get a few good pictures.  After buying some batteries for Victoria’s camera, we moved on to see what we could find along the road.

It didn’t take long until we spotted a line of yellow that turned out to be a daffodil field.  And did the No Trespassing sign stop us?  Heck no!  That’s just how we roll.  After grabbing a few more pics we decided to call it and head back to town.  Hopefully in the next week or two the rest of the tulips will be ready and give us more photo ops.

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New Camera   2 comments

Yesterday, with the help of our friend David, my hubby and I bought a new camera.  I had been wanting to upgrade for the last few months and with the theft of our camera a few weeks ago.. well it was time to get a new one.

We purchased a Canon EOS Rebel XS.  I’ve never had a camera this technical and was a little intimidated by it.  David assured me it really wasn’t that hard.  So, with faith in my friend I went for it. 

We came home and put the battery on the charger – yes, it has its own battery.  So, no more having to have a ton of AA batteries around just for the camera.  And then I started to read the manual.  I quickly realized that I will be needing to carry around the manual with me for a while.  There is no way I can retain all the info.  So… there was nothing much else to do until the battery was charge.  Time to go online and look around.

David told me the first thing to get is a UV filter for the camera.  It helps filter those UV rays when taking pics, but also helps protect the lens.  I did a little search and found one on Amazon for $12.48.  So, into the shopping cart that went.  And oh.. gotta get the movie Blind Side (I know.. totally random, but the movie was really, really good).  And purchase!  I continued to look around at all the different lenses there are.. wow.. there are a bunch of different ones.  And the price ranges.  I saw one for like $5k! 

Finally, the battery is ready!  I slide it in and Sassy just happens to be laying there.  So she becomes the target of my first picture.  I then wander out side to grab a few more pictures.  I am very happy with how easy the camera really is to use.  There are several “basic” functions that you find with most digital cameras.  This is primarily what I am using to take my pictures right now, until I learn more about the “creative” features.

After a little while Josh suggest going out to see the tulips that have bloomed.  So, we hopped into the car and drove over to the tulip fields.  — Side note:  It will never cease to amaze me all the different things that are grown in Skagit valley.  For one, we have some of the largest crops of tulips in the world.  We grow large amounts of potatoes, several different berries, corn and wo knows what else!  All out of our little valley.  —  The early blossom tulips were very pretty.  I had a lot of fun playing around with my camera and taking a bunch of pics.

By the time we got home, I was pretty tired.  I had been taking it pretty slow, but I’m still not completely over my pneumonia.  So, I didn’t have the energy to look at my pics on the computer.  I watch the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon with Victoria and was soon going to bed.

This morning I couldn’t wait to look at my pictures and see how they really looked.  I cleaned them up with some filter adjustments and I have to say I’m pretty happy.  I have so shots that I would never have gotten with my old digital camera.  So, thank you David!!

Here are some of the pictures I captured.

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