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Hi all…  I know it has been a bit since I last posted.  I was doing good at keeping up with a weekly post and then I hit a snag.  I went down to my parent’s house for about a week and a half at the end of May.  The full purpose while there was to clear away some of the years of clutter that had built up.  This left no time to think about writing or taking pictures.  The we did accomplish a great amount…  but, there is still plenty more work to do… but that is for another day.

With missing two weekends of blogging, it pulled me out of habit I had been building.  And then June came and went… I’m honestly still trying to figure out what happen to June.  That month just seemed to disappear.  If anyone knows where it went, please tell me.  That leaves me with it now being July.  And hence, I am starting back up and hopefully (fingers crossed) will build the habit back up to where I keep this going.

So.. pictures.. During that missing month of June, my daughter (who just turned 13 this past week!!) and I went over to Port Angeles for my cousin’s graduation party.  We just made a quick weekend trip over there.  I took my camera along, as you just never know.  Saturday we drove over taking the Edmonds to Kingtston ferry.  By the time we arrived in P.A., there only enough time to visit with family and then a retreat to hotel.

Sunday morning, after having a nice breakfast and finding a car wash (the local sea gulls didn’t seem to like my car), we had a chance to head up to Hurricane Ridge.  I was very excited, as I had hoped we would have a chance to go.  My daughter was being an “almost teenager” and showing no interest at all in going.  After making the decision that she would just deal with it, we made the drive up.  I was nervous because it was cloudy that day.  I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to see anything once we got up there.  Up we drove… and up… and up… and WOW!  We went right on up past the clouds that were hanging over the city.  The ridge was sunny and warm.  It was just beautiful up there.

By the time we got to the top and walked around, my daughter’s mood had improved.  She was happy and talking and wanting to play in the snow that was still hanging around.  The sad part was we only had about an hour to spend there before needing to head to the party.  On the way down we made one last stop.  Along a curve there was a pull out that allowed this great view of looking over the clouds.  My daughter actually offered to “pose”.  This was a little shocking, as she doesn’t like me taking pictures of her.  Of course I said yes!  and here are the results.  I did a few different color options.  I can’t make up my mind which I like best.  Feel free to voice your opinion. 🙂



Black & White


Have a great week!


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I have always thought as Port Angeles as a second home for me.  When I was a kid, my parents often sent me over to spend a good portion of summer vacation with my grandparents there.    Soon after Josh and I were married, we decided to move to Port Angeles.  We moved in with my grandma, who lived east of town.  We didn’t realize how depressed the economy was there compared to the Seattle area.  We only lasted nine months before we decided to move closer to Seattle for a chance at a greater variety of jobs.

But even though I don’t understand why Port Angeles seems to shy away from most new business in town, I still have a soft part in my heart for the town.  The coastal views are great and it is snuggled up right under the Olympic mountains.  There are tons of beaches around the whole area.  Then you throw in all the trails and naturally beautiful sites those trails go to.

Let’s not also forget that Port Angeles (P.A.) along with the small town of Forks have been put on the map for the whole world due to the success of the Twilight book series.  If was interesting reading those books and reading about the Port Angeles in them.  There is one line in Twilight that does bug me.  It says: ” Edward pulled out through the traffic, apparently without a glance, flipping around to head toward the freeway.”  What freeway??  Anyone that has spent time in P.A. knows the only main thing going through town is highway 101.  And it is no where close to being a freeway.  (Twilight fans – I do love the books.  I’m a fan myself.. just that line bugs me.)

So, anyways..  This last Tuesday my hubby (Josh), my daughter (Victoria) and I went over to P.A.  We were going over to see the family and then leave Victoria to spend the rest of spring break with Grandma.  We had a really great time during a quick visit and it gave me another chance to take some pictures with my camera.  We went out on the spit (it is a natural jetty that helps forms a harbor).  It has a nice beach along the majority of the length.  The Coast Guard takes up the last part of the spit.  I got lots of great pictures out there.  We then went into town.  Went to the Dazzled by Twilight store and picked up some things.  Josh and I are making a Twilight basket for an auction at a spaghetti feed for our Boys & Girls club. 

After that we went to one of those paint your own pottery stores.  We had seen it coming in to town and thought it would be fun.  Victoria picked out a little bunny.  Josh found a lion to paint green (making it a ‘Jade Lyon’).  I picked out a pet dish and made a water bowl for Sassy.  We actually managed to convince Grandma to paint a mug.  Josh helped her by writing all the names of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren on the mug.  Should be something she can truly treasure.

We spent the evening at the WorldMark resort in Discovery Bay.  It was a really nice room and we are so happy we have purchased the time share (that’s a whole different blog!).  Grandma, my uncle (Kevin) and one of my cousins (Will) came down.  We had dinner together and just sat around visiting.  It was a really great visit. 

The next day we relaxed and then took Victoria over to Grandma’s house.  Josh and I then made our way back home.  Stopping and taking pictures whenever we saw something interesting.   The slide show below are a couple of pictures from the trip.

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