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Around the Yard   4 comments

This past week the weather has been great.  The hubby and I decided to take full advantage of it around the yard to first part of the week.   We got my raised bed finished, weeds pulled up from another bed, and the lawn looking great.  My Grandma came for the second half of the week.  We spent some nice time visiting.  Her and I went and picked up some starts to fill up my raised bed.  Overall the week was fantastic!  Who can complain about sun and time with family?

Yesterday my hubby, daughter and I went out to a wild bird store.  We picked up a new platform feeder and a squirrel feeder.  The hubby set up the squirrel feeder and I got the new bird feeder up on a hook.  Within ten minutes of having it filled with seed and going inside, a flock of evening grosbeak had found it and were happily chattering and eating.

The one thing that I did not find time to do this week was to get out and take photos.  So, this morning I quietly went out onto the deck and snapped some pictures of the visitors in my yard.

My raised bed.  I’m attempting to grow some vegetables.

This little guy briefly visited my yard.

The grosbeak are enjoying the new feeder.

These two are checking out a piece of plastic that blew in to the yard.

I’m thinking this little one was maybe trying to find a spot to start a nest.

This little house finch was sneaking in some food. 

A Golden Finch is visiting the thistle feeder.

Our resident squirrel is enjoying a snack.

Have a fabulous week!

Dinner Time   2 comments

I happen to be home this afternoon between a brief break between sets of rain clouds rolling through.  I took the moment to go out and roam my yard seeing if anything caught my eye for a picture.  I was at the edge of my property line before it goes it an overgrown field.  There was a little moth fluttering around.  I was thinking if I could catch it right that might be neat.  Just about then I saw a little chickadee land in a tree a bit off.  Next thing I knew, he (or she) flew into the tree near me and then down the feeder.  I quickly grabbed a couple shots of the cute little thing before it flew off with its food.