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Around the Yard   4 comments

This past week the weather has been great.  The hubby and I decided to take full advantage of it around the yard to first part of the week.   We got my raised bed finished, weeds pulled up from another bed, and the lawn looking great.  My Grandma came for the second half of the week.  We spent some nice time visiting.  Her and I went and picked up some starts to fill up my raised bed.  Overall the week was fantastic!  Who can complain about sun and time with family?

Yesterday my hubby, daughter and I went out to a wild bird store.  We picked up a new platform feeder and a squirrel feeder.  The hubby set up the squirrel feeder and I got the new bird feeder up on a hook.  Within ten minutes of having it filled with seed and going inside, a flock of evening grosbeak had found it and were happily chattering and eating.

The one thing that I did not find time to do this week was to get out and take photos.  So, this morning I quietly went out onto the deck and snapped some pictures of the visitors in my yard.

My raised bed.  I’m attempting to grow some vegetables.

This little guy briefly visited my yard.

The grosbeak are enjoying the new feeder.

These two are checking out a piece of plastic that blew in to the yard.

I’m thinking this little one was maybe trying to find a spot to start a nest.

This little house finch was sneaking in some food. 

A Golden Finch is visiting the thistle feeder.

Our resident squirrel is enjoying a snack.

Have a fabulous week!

They are Everywhere!   1 comment

When I got up today I couldn’t decide if I wanted to take pictures or not.  It was overcast outside, but I knew that is actually better than it being sunny.  But it is still a little chilly outside, so that didn’t get me excited.  After a little back and forth my friend David on Twitter, I decided I would head out.  I grabbed my camera and hubby (decided to add some garage sailing into the mix) and off we went.

We headed over to Anacortes.  One – there was a garage sale and local place that sells estate items was open.  Two – one of my places I go to  catch eagles is over there.  On the way into Anacortes, I wasn’t disappointed with my eagle spot.  There was an adult and a juvenile.  Snapped some photos and off we went.

After purchasing a mirror that wouldn’t quite fit in the car, so we had to tie the trunk shut, we headed off.  We made another stop to see if the eagles were still there.  Well.. they were plus more!  The adult was there, plus an additional 3 juveniles in the field (so total of 4).  Then up the road in some trees were 2 more juveniles.  What luck I thought!  More pictures and off we go. (Yes, this is going to be a more lengthy blog)

We made a quick stop at the gas station down the road by the casino.  I’m waiting in the car looking at my pictures when something in the distance on a power pole catches my eye – a white head.  I rush out of the car and aim my camera over there.  Sure enough, another adult eagle!  A worker comes over and mentions there is a pair of eagles that have a nest nearby.  That’s when I see the other one much closer on a piling that is the nearby water channel.  He is sitting there munching on a fish.  So, off I go to get closer.

How excited am I?  Very!  S/he finally flies off, with fish in claw, to join its mate on the power pole.  Josh and I jump in the car and head out.  At this point we figure we might as well see if we can find more at a nest we know of on Farm to Market Road (yes, this is an actual road name).  We happen to see an eagle on our way there, but none are around the nest area.  So we continue down the road, figuring we will hit another road to head home.  But then we see another one it field.  Stop – take pictures – head on.

At this point we figure we will head into Edison to get some fresh bread from The Bread Store (omg, their bread is so good!!).  Well, that is when it gets plan eagle crazy.  We start seeing eagles everywhere.  They are in the trees all over the place.  And in the distance we can see them circling.  We stopped at one spot where I captured this photo of 4 of them together.  Within viewing distance there was another one sitting in a field and 3 to 4 more in another tree off to the distance.

After this point, I’m pretty much done stopping.  I’ve gotten plenty of eagle pictures.  Right?  Wrong!!  As we pull into the very small town of Edison, there is and adult and a juvenile sitting in a tree right in front of someone’s house.  Talk about jealous!  I want eagles in my trees!  But there are pretty close to road and so majestic, that I just have stop one more time.  So, out I go to grab a picture or two.. or not.. stupid battery!  Luckily I got a back-up for Christmas.  So, quickly change that out and then I’m able to grab this picture.

And that is that.  We pick up our bread and head home.  We still manage to spot about another half-dozen more eagles on our way home.  What an adventure and I feel so lucky to live in an area that has such a strong population of these beautiful creatures.  And to think.. I almost didn’t go out today.

“The Look”   2 comments

Victoria had a swim meet yesterday in Anacortes.  She started off a little rocky, but by her last event she was looking good.  She took 1st place in her 100 Individual Medley (they have to swim one of each stroke).  Afterwards, we found a little restaurant and had nice dinner together.  We decided that we would stop at the reservation on the way home and pick Victoria up a few little fireworks that she could set off today for her birthday.

On the way to the res, I took a side road so I could show Josh where I was able to get my last good picture of an eagle.  As we are driving by the area, what does my little eye spy?  An eagle of course!  Well, of course I had to make a u-turn.  I turned on to the road and parked on the side a little ways down.  Victoria and I ventured down the road together to see how close we could get before he flew off.

I would creep a little closer, take a picture, then walk a little closer.  Well, it didn’t matter… he just was settled into his spot and he wasn’t moving.  Which meant I was able to get a great picture of him!  I actually managed a few pictures before we decided to head back to the car.

This picture was a my favorite.  He seems to be giving me a “dirty look”.  Like.. “Why you disturbing me with your picture-taking human.  Can’t you see I’m busy surveying my territory?”

New Visitors   3 comments

Two weeks ago I added a new bird feeder with thistle.  I was hoping to attract a little more variety beyond the Black-Headed Grosbeaks that I think live at my house now.  It took about a week, but sure enough I had some new visitors!  This last Monday I left early from work for some me time.  During that afternoon I captured not 1, not 2, but 3 new guest.  I was rather excited.  Now I’m thinking of adding a bird bath.  I’m just not sure how my hubby will feel about that.

Two American Goldfinches sit on either side of the bird feeder.  It almost appears as if there is a mirror there.  Just wish it had come out a little sharper.  These little guys don’t sit still for very long.

A little House Finch checking everything out before going to the feeder.



This squirrel enjoys the seeds dropped to the ground by the rest of the birds.  I recently place corn out near the feeders for him too.


Side note: You may notice that my pictures are marked with Azota Photography.  I have finally decided to be a little more “official” in my photography.  I didn’t want to use my actually name, as I plan to enlist my hubbies help in certain things.  So.. Azota Photography is our name! 🙂





Rainbow Eagle   4 comments

The rain decided to visit today.  I did welcome it just because it meant I didn’t have to actually water my plants today.  However, I was hoping the visit was short.  I want sun so my flowers to can really start growing and blooming!  It appears this evening I was granted my wish.  The rain clouds have started to move on and the sun come out in the valley.

I had driving duty today in taking my daughter to and from her swim team practice.  On the way home, we stopped at JoAnn’s to get some crafting supplies so she can make invitations for her birthday party that is coming up.  When we came out, we could see a rainbow forming.  Of course from where we were, all sorts of power lines were in the way.  So, we got in the car and headed home.  I was frantically hoping that I might be able to find a clear shot along the way before the rainbow faded away.  I finally saw my chance and pulled onto a side road.  Imagine my joy when I saw that a bald eagle was perched in tree right where the rainbow was coming down.

The eagle was off in the distance and the rainbow isn’t as clear as I would like.  However, I am still happy with the picture and excited that I was able to actually see it in person.