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Meet Ziga.  She is a undead (or Forsaken) priest.  Priest are another healer class, but can also do some wicked damage.  This is my first time really playing a priest.  So far it hasn’t been so bad, except being a little squishy.  I am currently leveling her up with Josh’s toon, Kaladuun.

Kaladuun is a blood elf hunter.  He has a pet that helps him while out in the world.  Currently his pet is a bear.  The bear is helpful in that it can take a pretty good beating and do some decent damage to what ever it is attacking.

Currently they are hunting down creatures and items in the Arathi Highlands.  The area is great for hunting raptors.  Recently her and Kaladuun had to infilitrate a troll camp and kill off some of their population.  They were able to successfully do this with few injuries.  There are sure to be more adventures and tales to tell as they make their way through the world.


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