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To start this off, last week when David and I were at fair grounds, I found some rubber ducks done up as ninjas (4 different colors) and a pirate.  I just had to buy them.  I couldn’t help but think how it would be fun to photograph them in different areas “battling” each other.  I do feel I need to find a couple more pirate duckies.  To me it seems odd to have only one… I mean usually you have a whole ship full of pirates, right?  Anyways, I present to you the first of many (I hope) Ninja vs Pirate.

Lazy Eye Bailey is on a stroll through a wild tulip jungle in search of the rest of his crew mates.  He was separated from them recently due to his lazy eye being mesmerized by how far up the tulips go into the sky.  Before he realized it, they were out of sight.  He was not worried, as he knew where they were headed and he always carries his trusty compass with him.  However, little does he know, the jungle is full of ninjas.  In fact, Rinkilu Fire and Zutaka Shadow are watching from the leaves of a nearby tulip.  They silently watch until Lazy Eye Bailey’s back is to them.

Zutaka Shadow quickly jumps out of the tulip to attack.  The feathers on Lazy Eye Bailey’s back go up and he quickly turns to face what ever is behind him.  He focuses on Zutaka Shadow, but fails to see Rinkilu Fire.  He has faced off with ninjas before and feels confident he can win this battle.  He is about to draw is sword when he sees Zutaka Shadow give a signal.  It is then that Lazy Eye Bailey finally feels a hint of fear.

For it is then that he sees Rinkilu Fire as she jumps to the ground to help surround Lazy Eye Bailey.  The ninjas know they have the upper hand, as only the best of the best pirates could hope to face down two ninjas.  Lazy Eye Bailey knows this too.  While he is confident in his sword skills, he is well aware that they have more extensive training.  He puts up his wings to show he surrenders.  Zutaka Shadow pulls out his sword and points for Lazy Eye to move to a nearby fallen tulip that hangs over a ravine.

The ninjas force Lazy Eye Bailey up on to the tulip.  It appears they don’t plan to just let them go.  In fact they plan to have walk to the end and fall into the ravine.  Similar to how him and his crew have forced ninjas to walk the plank off their ship.  He chokes down his fear.  He has never been known as a coward and he surely will not be named one now.  He squarely turns and faces his opponents, so not to give them a chance to stab him in the back.  Both Rinkilu Fire and Zutaka Shadow have their swords out now and motion him to continue his path to sure death.  He walks backwards and before he knows it, he is falling.  The last thing he remembers is ground coming up on him very fast and then every thing goes black.

Rinkilu Fire and Zutaka Shadow look down to see the pirate below them.  Even from that distance they can see his life force has not completely left him.  They quickly discuss what to do with him.  If he did not die, that must mean something.  They decide they must take him to Master Nodoshi.  He will know what is to be done.

To be continued….