Final Days of Winter.. Maybe?   Leave a comment

Today I woke up once more to snow on the ground.  And even as I write this, there is snow coming down.  Not enough to worry about, but it does make you wonder if Spring is just around the corner.  I am looking forward to the tulips blooming.  To all the birds that will come visit my feeders.  To just having some warmth.  Until then, I will take what mother nature gives me and turn it into a picture!

This last Tuesday my hubby and I took off early from work.  It was once again another day we had woken up to snow on the ground.  By later in the day, some had melted off, but the further east you went (towards the Cascade Mountains) the more there still was on the ground.  We went out in the afternoon and I played around a little more with HDR and tried out Photomatix.  The sad part is while in trial version it is watermarks, but I like the program and plan to buy on payday! 🙂  These are both of the Skagit River.

Have a wonderful week!


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