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I have now have had my camera for about 3 years.  Over the three years I have a learned a lot.  First, was just the fun of using of it and how much better my pictures looked.  Then it came time to step away from the “point and click” and actually learn more about aperture, speed, iso and taking pictures in RAW.  This last lesson came after taking a two day class that went over the basics of photography.  It was a good class that helped me confirm what I already know and helped with a couple things I wasn’t strong on.

Most of all it led me to finally figure out that I am free to make my photos into whatever I want them to be.   Before now I have been worried if the photo looks right.  I would always compare photos to what my friends are doing and worry that I was maybe just wasting my time.  Which in turn took some joy out of taking pictures.  Now I realize it doesn’t matter!   I need to like what I’m taking pictures of and what I do with them.  I am now challenging myself to post two pictures to Flickr a day.  Hopefully that will grow into posting a blog more often too. 🙂

A big kick in what made this change for me was Lightroom 3.  It made it easier for me to edit my photos and be more creative with them.  And I don’t have to have a lot of knowledge on how to use it.  Unlike Photoshop, that I was using before.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Photoshop is a excellent program, but I felt completely lost using PS.

So, I suppose this is in part suppose to be a photo blog. ha!  The following photos go from what the original photo looked like the final photo that ended up being my favorite I posted to Flickr this week.

This was the original photo.  I saw potential in it, so flagged it as one to work on.

I took the photo and fixed the exposure, brightness, contrast and a few other things.  At this point I was happy with it, but really felt more could be done with it.  I did though go ahead and post this one to Flickr.

I took the last photo and added on of tons of filters Lightroom has to choose from.  I then made a few more adjustments with grain and vignetting.  And the final result was this photo.  And I just love it!  I hope you enjoy it also.


4 responses to “I Think I Got It Now

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  1. Reblogged this on Conceptual Art.

  2. Good for you Sarah, your thought hit it dead on! Hope I didn’t make you feel like you were wasting your time as you weren’t! 😀

  3. I think I feel a lot like you – I compare my photos to others way too much. And we can’t! Because it doesn’t matter! Glad to see you have started blogging again and you are setting some good photography goals.

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