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Victoria had a swim meet yesterday in Anacortes.  She started off a little rocky, but by her last event she was looking good.  She took 1st place in her 100 Individual Medley (they have to swim one of each stroke).  Afterwards, we found a little restaurant and had nice dinner together.  We decided that we would stop at the reservation on the way home and pick Victoria up a few little fireworks that she could set off today for her birthday.

On the way to the res, I took a side road so I could show Josh where I was able to get my last good picture of an eagle.  As we are driving by the area, what does my little eye spy?  An eagle of course!  Well, of course I had to make a u-turn.  I turned on to the road and parked on the side a little ways down.  Victoria and I ventured down the road together to see how close we could get before he flew off.

I would creep a little closer, take a picture, then walk a little closer.  Well, it didn’t matter… he just was settled into his spot and he wasn’t moving.  Which meant I was able to get a great picture of him!  I actually managed a few pictures before we decided to head back to the car.

This picture was a my favorite.  He seems to be giving me a “dirty look”.  Like.. “Why you disturbing me with your picture-taking human.  Can’t you see I’m busy surveying my territory?”


2 responses to ““The Look”

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  1. SWEEEEET! You are so lucky Sarah, I just wish those suckers would stick around for me. 😀

  2. Great capture! definitely love the look he’s giving you! 🙂

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