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Two weeks ago I added a new bird feeder with thistle.  I was hoping to attract a little more variety beyond the Black-Headed Grosbeaks that I think live at my house now.  It took about a week, but sure enough I had some new visitors!  This last Monday I left early from work for some me time.  During that afternoon I captured not 1, not 2, but 3 new guest.  I was rather excited.  Now I’m thinking of adding a bird bath.  I’m just not sure how my hubby will feel about that.

Two American Goldfinches sit on either side of the bird feeder.  It almost appears as if there is a mirror there.  Just wish it had come out a little sharper.  These little guys don’t sit still for very long.

A little House Finch checking everything out before going to the feeder.



This squirrel enjoys the seeds dropped to the ground by the rest of the birds.  I recently place corn out near the feeders for him too.


Side note: You may notice that my pictures are marked with Azota Photography.  I have finally decided to be a little more “official” in my photography.  I didn’t want to use my actually name, as I plan to enlist my hubbies help in certain things.  So.. Azota Photography is our name! 🙂






3 responses to “New Visitors

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  1. Cute little critters Sarah…I should add a bird feeder, perhaps that will break my camera/bird issue? 😛

  2. The Finch is so pretty! Great pics!

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