Rainbow Eagle   4 comments

The rain decided to visit today.  I did welcome it just because it meant I didn’t have to actually water my plants today.  However, I was hoping the visit was short.  I want sun so my flowers to can really start growing and blooming!  It appears this evening I was granted my wish.  The rain clouds have started to move on and the sun come out in the valley.

I had driving duty today in taking my daughter to and from her swim team practice.  On the way home, we stopped at JoAnn’s to get some crafting supplies so she can make invitations for her birthday party that is coming up.  When we came out, we could see a rainbow forming.  Of course from where we were, all sorts of power lines were in the way.  So, we got in the car and headed home.  I was frantically hoping that I might be able to find a clear shot along the way before the rainbow faded away.  I finally saw my chance and pulled onto a side road.  Imagine my joy when I saw that a bald eagle was perched in tree right where the rainbow was coming down.

The eagle was off in the distance and the rainbow isn’t as clear as I would like.  However, I am still happy with the picture and excited that I was able to actually see it in person.


4 responses to “Rainbow Eagle

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  1. Beautiful composition! I love rainbows; I wish I could take a picture of one.

  2. How very cool Sarah, it’s great you are so…lucky with eagles. You need to rub some of the luck off on me please…my bird saga continues. Sigh.

  3. Very nice photos. I enjoyed your additional sets on Flickr, but one bird is mislabeled. The orange, white, and black bird is the Black-headed Grosbeak not the Evening Grosbeak.

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