Awww… Buttercups   13 comments

With all the rain and brief windows of sun, the grass in our yard has been extremely happy.  Along with the grass, we have had buttercups spring up like crazy.  There is just something cheerful about these dainty little flowers when you see them.  Even if they do seem to be overtaking the lawn.  Saturday evening I went out and sat on a towel in the yard.  I was hoping to catch a bird visiting one of my feeders.  However I just had no luck there.  I did however take an opportunity to snap a couple pictures of these cute flowers.  A good thing, because the next day I mowed the lawn.  Poor buttercups… but it feels good to have the lawn not looking overgrown!


13 responses to “Awww… Buttercups

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  1. I love this one–I spent some time among my buttercups too. I’d say your photography is more than a hobby. I too love to change the focal point, soften backgrounds and find just one flower to focus on.

  2. Beautiful colors and delightful composition! Love the DOF.

  3. Very nice job Sarah, not only do I really like the PoV but the DoF as well.

  4. Very nice! I just love buttercups!

  5. Great shot, I love the rapid drop off in depth of field on the left of the image!

  6. This picture is amazing. You have great talent and skills!

  7. wowsers! this is a BEAUTIFUL pic!!!! my golly!!!!

  8. love the texture in your photo. Very good shot. I could look at it all day.

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