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The sun is here!! The sun is here!!  Yes, I am excited.  We finally have a forecast that shows more sun than rain.  So with the sun shining I set out and put a long and busy work week behind me.  I had noticed on Flickr someone had taken some pictures of an eagle out towards Anacortes.  I decided to try my luck.  Figured even if I didn’t get a picture of an eagle, I was still getting some good old fashion vitamin D.

I drove around for a while and finally settled on a spot to park.  The sound was on one side of the road and a wild grass sorta wetland on the other side.  I could see some herons here and there, but they were still a bit to far out to get any good pictures.  A little sparrow landed near the front of my car and allowed me to take a picture.  But there I sat for little bit just looking around.. and around.. and happen to glance at the top of the power pole.. whoa! wait!  an eagle!!  He’d been sitting there the whole time I was. ha!  I got out of my car and started to walk a bit closer and of course he flies off.  I figured that was that, but with a bit of luck he just landed in a tree further down the road.

So I quickly jumped in my car and drove down.  Parked and then walked slowly closer to get a decent picture.  He sat there for a good amount of time before flying off to another perch.  Some crows were not happy with his new spot.   Hope you enjoy!  I know I did.. and needed it!!  Yay Sun!



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  1. This photo is incredible. WOW! You’re very talented.
    ~ Nicole ~

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