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On Monday, I joined David Williams and his daughter on a photo walk at Northern State Hospital.  We met up around 9 am and it was overcast.  I rather nice morning.  No harsh sun to worry about.  However it rained the night before so all the ground was still rather wet.  While it lent to some neat pictures of water drops on blades… it was not great for keeping dry socks.

This was my first photo walk with Caitlyn along.  And what an awesome trooper!  She was shooting pictures all over the place, tho she didn’t want to venture to far into the abandon buildings.  Who can blame her with all the supposed ghost wandering around.  The best part was watching her and David together.  That is what led one of my favorite shots.


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  1. Ahahaha, Cait pointed out we have the same colour shirt, both have blue shorts, white socks, hiking boots, back packs and we both have our lens cap in the right rear pocket! I think she pulls the look off more than I (it’s the penguin hat, I posted a pix of it here)…

    Thank you for sharing Sarah!

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