Bluebell Rows   6 comments

Yesterday my friend Jolene and I joined up to see a movie (well, to be honest.. to see Johnny Depp).  Afterwards we went out on a photo adventure.  We hopped into my car and headed in the direction of La Conner.  I hit the back roads, thinking we would have more luck of finding things then on Hwy 20.  And I was right!  We made a couple stops along the way.  One stop was at the corner of two roads and there was a small patch of field with blooming flowers.  I quickly pulled over and we jumped out of the car with cameras in hand.  As you moved closer the smell of the flowers was lovely and went along with the sunny spring day.  After awhile, we headed on our way to La Conner where we walked around and ended the day with dinner at a local restaurant in town.

This picture was from the field of flowers.  There were several rows of Bluebells.  I just love their color.


6 responses to “Bluebell Rows

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  2. Nice shot!

  3. Amazing..

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Very nice shot Sarah!! Love the DoF.

  6. This photo is beautiful.

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