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We decided to make yesterday a zoo day.  We headed down in the morning and were a little worried it may be a wet zoo day.  However, with some luck it never did rain.  We wandered all over the zoo and were able to see the majority of all the animals.  The one that stole the day though was the peacock.  The peacock is allowed to roam through the zoo, so you never know if you will see him.  On our last visit we found him in the flamingo exhibit.  Proudly showing off his tail with not a female in sight.  We thought it odd.. but hey.. at least he was around other birds.  This time we found him with the goats in the family farm area.  He had his tail completely fanned out.  And once again, not a female in sight.  The funnier part was that he was being territorial with the goats.  If they got near him and his little area, he would shake his feathers and even went chasing a goat.  Who would have thought a peacock could be a goat herder?


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  1. Lol, nice story and image.

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