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This last Friday I came home to the package I had been waiting for all week.  Inside was my new Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD lens.  This is the same lens I had borrowed from my friend David.  However, Friday night I wasn’t feeling my best so I didn’t go out.  And then the weekend came and along with it the rain.  Hoping the rain might stop at some point, I took it with me to Seattle to watch Mary Poppins the musical.  No such luck!  Finally Monday afternoon the rain dried up and I got my first good opportunity to use it on a Steller’s Jay visiting my yard.

By Tuesday, the sun was fully out and everyone just seemed to be in a much better mood.  Amazing what the sun can do!  I dropped my daughter off for her swim team practice and then headed out to Swan Reserve area on Frances Road to see if I find anything.  The overall area along this road is farm land.  And just as I was passing one farm area, I spotted a Bald Eagle.  I quickly pulled over to snap a shot.  Not only was he there, but also a Turkey Vulture and a Juvenile Bald Eagle.  I finally finished up and went to pick up my daughter.  On our way home (along the same road) we were driving by the same farm and noticed a Bald Eagle just perched.  With no cars around, I quickly backed up and pulled to the side of the road to grab his picture.


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  1. Gratz on the new lens, and wonderful shot!

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