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Present and Future Photogs   1 comment

On Monday, I joined David Williams and his daughter on a photo walk at Northern State Hospital.  We met up around 9 am and it was overcast.  I rather nice morning.  No harsh sun to worry about.  However it rained the night before so all the ground was still rather wet.  While it lent to some neat pictures of water drops on blades… it was not great for keeping dry socks.

This was my first photo walk with Caitlyn along.  And what an awesome trooper!  She was shooting pictures all over the place, tho she didn’t want to venture to far into the abandon buildings.  Who can blame her with all the supposed ghost wandering around.  The best part was watching her and David together.  That is what led one of my favorite shots.


Bluebell Rows   6 comments

Yesterday my friend Jolene and I joined up to see a movie (well, to be honest.. to see Johnny Depp).  Afterwards we went out on a photo adventure.  We hopped into my car and headed in the direction of La Conner.  I hit the back roads, thinking we would have more luck of finding things then on Hwy 20.  And I was right!  We made a couple stops along the way.  One stop was at the corner of two roads and there was a small patch of field with blooming flowers.  I quickly pulled over and we jumped out of the car with cameras in hand.  As you moved closer the smell of the flowers was lovely and went along with the sunny spring day.  After awhile, we headed on our way to La Conner where we walked around and ended the day with dinner at a local restaurant in town.

This picture was from the field of flowers.  There were several rows of Bluebells.  I just love their color.

Dinner Time   2 comments

I happen to be home this afternoon between a brief break between sets of rain clouds rolling through.  I took the moment to go out and roam my yard seeing if anything caught my eye for a picture.  I was at the edge of my property line before it goes it an overgrown field.  There was a little moth fluttering around.  I was thinking if I could catch it right that might be neat.  Just about then I saw a little chickadee land in a tree a bit off.  Next thing I knew, he (or she) flew into the tree near me and then down the feeder.  I quickly grabbed a couple shots of the cute little thing before it flew off with its food.

Garden   3 comments

I picked up a few more flowers from my local nursery/greenhouse – Thompson’s.  They are always extremely helpful and their prices are good too!  Today I was after some plants that hummingbirds like.  It is my hope that I can start attracting some to my yard and of course take pictures of them!  When I got home I started pulling some of the weeds trying to come into my flower beds I have already started.  Planted my new additions and then went to work on my other beds that still need some love.  All in all, a good day.  Plus I was able to get snap a couple of picture of flowers already bloomed.

Zoo Day!   1 comment

We decided to make yesterday a zoo day.  We headed down in the morning and were a little worried it may be a wet zoo day.  However, with some luck it never did rain.  We wandered all over the zoo and were able to see the majority of all the animals.  The one that stole the day though was the peacock.  The peacock is allowed to roam through the zoo, so you never know if you will see him.  On our last visit we found him in the flamingo exhibit.  Proudly showing off his tail with not a female in sight.  We thought it odd.. but hey.. at least he was around other birds.  This time we found him with the goats in the family farm area.  He had his tail completely fanned out.  And once again, not a female in sight.  The funnier part was that he was being territorial with the goats.  If they got near him and his little area, he would shake his feathers and even went chasing a goat.  Who would have thought a peacock could be a goat herder?

Look Back   Leave a comment

I haven’t really taken any pics in the last couple days… well none that I like.  Then I remembered I still have pictures from this past November when my hubby and I were out and about in the Birch Bay & Bellingham area for our anniversary.  We were celebrating our thirteenth anniversary and had no real plans.  So we went around exploring (which we both like to do) and found Big Rock Garden hidden away in Bellingham.  It had unique sculptures throughout a nicely laid out park of trees.  The picture for this post is from the park.  The trees were shedding their leaves to prepare for winter and this leaf was caught by another plant on its way to the ground.

My New Lens   1 comment

This last Friday I came home to the package I had been waiting for all week.  Inside was my new Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD lens.  This is the same lens I had borrowed from my friend David.  However, Friday night I wasn’t feeling my best so I didn’t go out.  And then the weekend came and along with it the rain.  Hoping the rain might stop at some point, I took it with me to Seattle to watch Mary Poppins the musical.  No such luck!  Finally Monday afternoon the rain dried up and I got my first good opportunity to use it on a Steller’s Jay visiting my yard.

By Tuesday, the sun was fully out and everyone just seemed to be in a much better mood.  Amazing what the sun can do!  I dropped my daughter off for her swim team practice and then headed out to Swan Reserve area on Frances Road to see if I find anything.  The overall area along this road is farm land.  And just as I was passing one farm area, I spotted a Bald Eagle.  I quickly pulled over to snap a shot.  Not only was he there, but also a Turkey Vulture and a Juvenile Bald Eagle.  I finally finished up and went to pick up my daughter.  On our way home (along the same road) we were driving by the same farm and noticed a Bald Eagle just perched.  With no cars around, I quickly backed up and pulled to the side of the road to grab his picture.