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Still Waiting…   Leave a comment

Yesterday I was on the closing shift at work.  By the time I actually left, the parking lot was pretty empty.  There were a lot of high grey clouds and I could see the sun trying to break through.  The main thing I noticed were the trees.  About half the trees in the parking lot have yet to show any sign of green.  If you didn’t know the date, you may think it was late February.  So, still waiting for Spring to really make an appearance here.  Maybe we will just skip it and jump straight into Summer. 🙂


It’s Spring Inside   1 comment

On the dreary days of late, I have been happy to have my indoor plants.  They have picked up that it is mid-April.  My flowering plant has decided to bloom with pretty little pink flowers.  It gives me a little piece of Spring every day.   Hopefully the outside weather will catch on and we can enjoy some more sunny Spring days.

Its Spring Inside

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Take My Picture!   1 comment

This week my husband received an annual pass to Woodland Park Zoo.  So we decided to head down and spend the day at the zoo.  We managed to score a sunny day (they seem pretty rare lately here in the NW).  It turned out the humans were not the only ones very happy to see the sun come out.  With a bit of luck, we were able to see quite a few animals today in habitats.  We can’t wait for our next visit!

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Tulips and Daffodils .. oh my!   1 comment

Yesterday my friend Jolene and my daughter Victoria set out to check out some of the tulips and daffodils around the county. Went headed out to Tulip Town.  Neither of us had been to this tulip location, so it seemed a good place to start.

We were in luck!  Even with the extreme lack of sun lately, the early blooming tulips were out.  The mid & late bloomers still have a bit to go however.  We all tip toed through the tulips to and managed to get a few good pictures.  After buying some batteries for Victoria’s camera, we moved on to see what we could find along the road.

It didn’t take long until we spotted a line of yellow that turned out to be a daffodil field.  And did the No Trespassing sign stop us?  Heck no!  That’s just how we roll.  After grabbing a few more pics we decided to call it and head back to town.  Hopefully in the next week or two the rest of the tulips will be ready and give us more photo ops.

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