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Farm Tours – Chapter 2   Leave a comment

Picking up from the last post…

After breakfast, we headed out to start the farm tours.  We decided to start in La Conner.  Our first stop was La Conner Flats.  We have driven by this place many times on our way to visit friends.  And have even parked next door when enjoying the Tulip Festival (a must do if you are in the Skagit area during tulip season).  It was one of those places you see and wonder what may be grown or sold there.  Well, it was my chance to find out!

Since it was the start of the first day, they were still getting a few things set up.  They have a nice rose garden that in the summer must be absolutely beautiful.  They actually hold weddings during the summer in the garden.  (insert girly sigh)  They had a table for kids to draw faces on little pumpkins, which my daughter had to do.  They also were making freshly squeezed apple juice and giving out samples.  In my husband’s words, “It is like drinking an apple.”

Once we were done exploring, we jumped back into the car to travel to our next destination.  After our gps (who is named Sharon) got us lost a little, we found ourselves at the Hedlin Farms.  This farm has a little stand to sell some vegetables and flowers.  Flowers were a big thing on this farm.  All sorts of different dahlias growing.  We enjoyed walking around the different rows exploring the different colors.  Victoria made a car out of a squash that more slid down the hill they set up than rolled.

And of course.. here are some photos from chapter.  Chapter 3 coming soon.

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