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The other day I had to go in to Seattle to pick up my mom for us to attend an appointment.  I arrived in Seattle earlier than I expected, so I had about 45 minutes to kill.  I had brought along my camera, as I never know when an opportunity might happen for a picture.  So after thinking for a moment I decided to go seek out Volunteer Park.  I was a kid the last time I was there.  I still have found memories of going on a field trip and my dad being one of the parent escorts.  Him and I sitting out in front of the art museum eating our sack lunches.  How much better can it get than that when you are a kid?

So I hit my nifty little Genius button on my myTouch phone and had it find Volunteer Park so I could navigate there.  When I arrived I followed the road in and after a moment saw a promising place to check out.  The conservatory!  I pulled over and head in.  Now, personally the first thing I think of when someone mentions conservatory is not a place filled with flowers and plants.  But that is exactly what there.. and what a perfect place to spend a spare 40 minutes taking some photos.  You can’t help but relax and just enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I captured.  I honestly cannot tell you what any of the plants and/or flowers are. 

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2 responses to “Volunteer Park Conservatory

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  1. Nice Sarah, you got some really cool shots!

  2. Cool flowers, Sarah!

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