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I’ve been a cat person all my life.  Ever since I was a baby, we always had a cat.  The first cat was Sandy.  She was a Siamese.  I don’t really have many memories of her .. and honestly don’t know what happen to her.  She was my parents cat before I was born.  When I was around 5, I got a black and white kitten.  We named her baby.  She was my cat and I loved her dearly.   She grew up with me and was always there when I needed someone to listen.  I’d be playing with her when I should  be sleeping.  She was my friend.  Then one day she disappeared.. I was around 15 or so at that point.  She was an indoor and outdoor cat, so it is hard to say what happen to her.  I had a couple cats after that.. but none that was the same.

Enter Josh.  He is the man I love.  There is no doubt in that.  And because of that love I gave up that notion of ever owning a cat.  Josh has allergies to cats.  If he touches one and doesn’t wash his hands, he inevitably touch his eyes.. which will then get puffy and red.

I have to admit, it did make me sad.  I always would say.. oh, it’s ok.  I don’t want to deal with taking care of one any way.  However, when I would see a cat in a pet store, I would walk away just a little sad.  I really did want one.  I wanted that companionship that you get from having a cat (or even a dog).  But, still.. I knew it just wasn’t in the cards given to me.  Well… at least that is what I thought…

Little did I know how well Josh had been paying attention about how I felt a little crushed over not being able to have a cat.  So, what does he do?  For my last birthday he gives me the best gift ever!  He tells me I’m going to get a cat.  He tells me he will take pills the rest of his life for his allergies.  I just started crying.. it was the beyond words.

So that weekend we went looking for a cat.  I wasn’t sure if I would get a kitten or adult cat.  I was open to which ever, but I did know I wanted to adopt one.  I didn’t care about having any special breed.  I wanted to give a kitty a good home.  So we went to the Human Society of Skagit.  I couldn’t believe all the cats needing homes.  I heart crumbled at the site of all of them.  I went cage to cage and narrowed it down to a few.  And then there was one.. Sassy.  She was a small black and white 2-year-old cat.  So we did up the paperwork and brought her home.

Now when you adopt an animal, you really don’t know how it will fit in.  We couldn’t be luckier!  She’s overall well-behaved for a cat.  She doesn’t jump up on the counters or tables.  While she of course meows, it isn’t horrible and annoying.  She’s still young and playful, which is great for Victoria.  And while she isn’t a lap cat, she still comes and lies near you a lot of times.   Overall, she has given me that little piece that has been missing.  I love to be able to just sit and watch her… and sometimes even laugh at her when she does something crazy like running back and forth the whole length of the house.


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  1. This post really touched me. What I loved about it is that you are married to someone who cares about you so much that he is willing to take allergy pills for you! Rarely do you witness such a level of selflessness from a person. You are a very lucky woman. 🙂

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