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My husband and a few friends have started this up recently.  I thought give it a go a bit too.  Primarly my focus will be my characters/toons/avatars from World of Warcraft.  Many people may not understand why someone would want to blog about what they do in a game.  For me, the toons I play allow me to do things I can’t do at all or haven’t been able to do enough of in the real world. 

 I can go explore different parts of the overall world (travel), take down big bad creatures (create a safer place), and heck.. I get to cast magic spells.  There is also the social aspect.  I can play with my husband and friends I know in real life.  But I also make friends from all over the world.  It is no different from chat rooms on yahoo, aol, or msn.  You just get to have more fun while talking to them.

Now, I will still blog about real life on here too.  I don’t want to give everyone the idea that all I do is play games, cuz that is so far from the truth!  I have to work to help pay for the bills and the things people like to take (my house was just robbed last Friday, so I’m a little bitter right now).  I have my 10 year old daughter to try and direct through life.  And there my loving and supporting husband.. still wonder why the heck he has put up with me for the last 12 years.

So that’s it in a nut shell..  here’s to hoping I keep up with this! ha!


Posted March 18, 2010 by jadelyoness in Life in General

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