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New Camera   2 comments

Yesterday, with the help of our friend David, my hubby and I bought a new camera.  I had been wanting to upgrade for the last few months and with the theft of our camera a few weeks ago.. well it was time to get a new one.

We purchased a Canon EOS Rebel XS.  I’ve never had a camera this technical and was a little intimidated by it.  David assured me it really wasn’t that hard.  So, with faith in my friend I went for it. 

We came home and put the battery on the charger – yes, it has its own battery.  So, no more having to have a ton of AA batteries around just for the camera.  And then I started to read the manual.  I quickly realized that I will be needing to carry around the manual with me for a while.  There is no way I can retain all the info.  So… there was nothing much else to do until the battery was charge.  Time to go online and look around.

David told me the first thing to get is a UV filter for the camera.  It helps filter those UV rays when taking pics, but also helps protect the lens.  I did a little search and found one on Amazon for $12.48.  So, into the shopping cart that went.  And oh.. gotta get the movie Blind Side (I know.. totally random, but the movie was really, really good).  And purchase!  I continued to look around at all the different lenses there are.. wow.. there are a bunch of different ones.  And the price ranges.  I saw one for like $5k! 

Finally, the battery is ready!  I slide it in and Sassy just happens to be laying there.  So she becomes the target of my first picture.  I then wander out side to grab a few more pictures.  I am very happy with how easy the camera really is to use.  There are several “basic” functions that you find with most digital cameras.  This is primarily what I am using to take my pictures right now, until I learn more about the “creative” features.

After a little while Josh suggest going out to see the tulips that have bloomed.  So, we hopped into the car and drove over to the tulip fields.  — Side note:  It will never cease to amaze me all the different things that are grown in Skagit valley.  For one, we have some of the largest crops of tulips in the world.  We grow large amounts of potatoes, several different berries, corn and wo knows what else!  All out of our little valley.  —  The early blossom tulips were very pretty.  I had a lot of fun playing around with my camera and taking a bunch of pics.

By the time we got home, I was pretty tired.  I had been taking it pretty slow, but I’m still not completely over my pneumonia.  So, I didn’t have the energy to look at my pics on the computer.  I watch the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon with Victoria and was soon going to bed.

This morning I couldn’t wait to look at my pictures and see how they really looked.  I cleaned them up with some filter adjustments and I have to say I’m pretty happy.  I have so shots that I would never have gotten with my old digital camera.  So, thank you David!!

Here are some of the pictures I captured.


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Sassy   1 comment

I’ve been a cat person all my life.  Ever since I was a baby, we always had a cat.  The first cat was Sandy.  She was a Siamese.  I don’t really have many memories of her .. and honestly don’t know what happen to her.  She was my parents cat before I was born.  When I was around 5, I got a black and white kitten.  We named her baby.  She was my cat and I loved her dearly.   She grew up with me and was always there when I needed someone to listen.  I’d be playing with her when I should  be sleeping.  She was my friend.  Then one day she disappeared.. I was around 15 or so at that point.  She was an indoor and outdoor cat, so it is hard to say what happen to her.  I had a couple cats after that.. but none that was the same.

Enter Josh.  He is the man I love.  There is no doubt in that.  And because of that love I gave up that notion of ever owning a cat.  Josh has allergies to cats.  If he touches one and doesn’t wash his hands, he inevitably touch his eyes.. which will then get puffy and red.

I have to admit, it did make me sad.  I always would say.. oh, it’s ok.  I don’t want to deal with taking care of one any way.  However, when I would see a cat in a pet store, I would walk away just a little sad.  I really did want one.  I wanted that companionship that you get from having a cat (or even a dog).  But, still.. I knew it just wasn’t in the cards given to me.  Well… at least that is what I thought…

Little did I know how well Josh had been paying attention about how I felt a little crushed over not being able to have a cat.  So, what does he do?  For my last birthday he gives me the best gift ever!  He tells me I’m going to get a cat.  He tells me he will take pills the rest of his life for his allergies.  I just started crying.. it was the beyond words.

So that weekend we went looking for a cat.  I wasn’t sure if I would get a kitten or adult cat.  I was open to which ever, but I did know I wanted to adopt one.  I didn’t care about having any special breed.  I wanted to give a kitty a good home.  So we went to the Human Society of Skagit.  I couldn’t believe all the cats needing homes.  I heart crumbled at the site of all of them.  I went cage to cage and narrowed it down to a few.  And then there was one.. Sassy.  She was a small black and white 2-year-old cat.  So we did up the paperwork and brought her home.

Now when you adopt an animal, you really don’t know how it will fit in.  We couldn’t be luckier!  She’s overall well-behaved for a cat.  She doesn’t jump up on the counters or tables.  While she of course meows, it isn’t horrible and annoying.  She’s still young and playful, which is great for Victoria.  And while she isn’t a lap cat, she still comes and lies near you a lot of times.   Overall, she has given me that little piece that has been missing.  I love to be able to just sit and watch her… and sometimes even laugh at her when she does something crazy like running back and forth the whole length of the house.

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Who is Ziga?   Leave a comment

Meet Ziga.  She is a undead (or Forsaken) priest.  Priest are another healer class, but can also do some wicked damage.  This is my first time really playing a priest.  So far it hasn’t been so bad, except being a little squishy.  I am currently leveling her up with Josh’s toon, Kaladuun.

Kaladuun is a blood elf hunter.  He has a pet that helps him while out in the world.  Currently his pet is a bear.  The bear is helpful in that it can take a pretty good beating and do some decent damage to what ever it is attacking.

Currently they are hunting down creatures and items in the Arathi Highlands.  The area is great for hunting raptors.  Recently her and Kaladuun had to infilitrate a troll camp and kill off some of their population.  They were able to successfully do this with few injuries.  There are sure to be more adventures and tales to tell as they make their way through the world.

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Getting Started   Leave a comment

My husband and a few friends have started this up recently.  I thought give it a go a bit too.  Primarly my focus will be my characters/toons/avatars from World of Warcraft.  Many people may not understand why someone would want to blog about what they do in a game.  For me, the toons I play allow me to do things I can’t do at all or haven’t been able to do enough of in the real world. 

 I can go explore different parts of the overall world (travel), take down big bad creatures (create a safer place), and heck.. I get to cast magic spells.  There is also the social aspect.  I can play with my husband and friends I know in real life.  But I also make friends from all over the world.  It is no different from chat rooms on yahoo, aol, or msn.  You just get to have more fun while talking to them.

Now, I will still blog about real life on here too.  I don’t want to give everyone the idea that all I do is play games, cuz that is so far from the truth!  I have to work to help pay for the bills and the things people like to take (my house was just robbed last Friday, so I’m a little bitter right now).  I have my 10 year old daughter to try and direct through life.  And there my loving and supporting husband.. still wonder why the heck he has put up with me for the last 12 years.

So that’s it in a nut shell..  here’s to hoping I keep up with this! ha!

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Zortiiz   Leave a comment

Zortiiz is my main charter (toon) that I play on World of Warcraft.  I have been playing her since about April of 2007.  She wasn’t my first toon, but it was with her that I finally started figuring out the game and really began to play.

Zortiiz is a troll shaman.  Trolls are a race on the horde side.  Horde has a bad rap and can some times be viewed as the “evil” side.  I don’t believe that, Horde have done what is necessary to survive.  If the Alliance side wants to view some of those deeds as evil.. well, that’s their problem.  I do enjoy the troll race.  Their hairstyles are fun and their main mount are big raptors.  My big issue is they run to dang slow!

Shamans pull on the power from the world around them – earth, fire, water, and air.  They can place totems on the ground that have spells to assist their friends or do harm to the enemy.  They also have a good variety of spells they can cast.  Each class (Shaman is one of several classes) can choose to specialize in one of three types trees.  As you specialize in one tree, you obtain special powerful spells.  Zortiiz chose to specialize in healing (called Restoration or Resto for short). 

About a year ago, they opened up an option that if you paid a certain amount of gold, you could learn a second spec (or specialize in a second tree).  You can only have one active at a time.  Zortiiz took this chance to learn about the elemental side of being a Shaman.  Being an Elemental Shaman allowed her explore the world easier since she had more power to attack the enemies, instead of needing help as a healer.

World of Warcraft as many different types of realms (basically different servers).  Zortiiz started on the realm of Kel’Thuzad.  Over the years she made friends, but more recently she found a lot of the friends she had made weren’t around as much or had left the game.  She had never felt at home in Kel’Thuzad either.  It is a strong PvP (Player vs. Player) server.  So Alliance and Horde players are always attacking each other.  Zortiiz is a healer at heart and had a hard time defending herself against the attacks by others.  In November (or was it December?) the opportunity came to move to Icecrown.  She didn’t waste time deciding it was the right thing to do!

She is now at home in Icecrown.  Other players aren’t able to fight with each other on this server unless they flag themselves for it.  While she hasn’t made any friends yet, it is only a matter of time.  In the meantime she has been busy exploring all the different areas of the world learning about the all the different histories.  She was granted the honor of Loremaster of Kalimdor in February.

*Sidenote .. Loremaster of Kalimdor is an achievement.  World of Warcraft is similar to Xbox games, in that you can gain different types of achievements for completing certain quest or clearing a dungeon.  They also have many geared around the holiday events they have in game.  In all, Zortiiz has 389 done out of 1054 (approx). 

Well, this is just a small insight into Zortiiz.  You will hear more from her as she goes about life in WoW.